Tuesday, April 15, 2014

L.A. I love you.

L.A. top: Brandy Melville || Amethyst "Jason" Chocker: Ivory Jar || Embellished shorts: Topshop || Bracelets: Zara & H&M 

This look is dedicated to my love for Los Angeles. I have no words who could explain how much I love this city, the people and the lifestyle there. Moving to LA is one of my biggest dreams I have since I was a little kid. Hopefully I'll spend some time there soon, because after finishing school there are way more possibilities. At least I hope so haha. Well, now talking about the look: I bought the shirt more than one year ago when I was shopping at Brandy Melville for the first time and they've got some really cool tees! It's really californian inspired what I love! Tank tops with huge arm holes are the best ones in summer, especially when wearing them with some cool shorts! Of course you HAVE TO wear a cute bra or bralet underneath or it really looks a bit… yeah, offensive! I really love the chocker I bought from Ivory Jar, it's so perfect. It has some studs and an amethyst pendulum pendant, so it's kind of a mixture of boho and punk. I'm definitely wearing it way more often, it adds some cool grunge feeling to every look. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Instagram Update: What's actually going on right now.

I took many mirror selfies the last two weeks as you can see haha. The weather was perfect last week, so I was finally able to live out my Kimono obsession! Now the weather is the typical european april weather - cold,  rainy, sunny, stormy… It doesn't want to make a decision, I guess. BUT: I finally have two weeks off! Unfortunately I still have to study for my final exams I will have just right after the holidays, so "being lazy" all the time won't work. ;-P Anyway I'm definitely going to post many new looks, some new inspirations (like the upcoming Coachella '14 inspiration I planned!) and other updates. I've wanted to do an post about some parts of my wardrobe and my 'collections' since like forever now and I definitely do this by no later than in the end of may when my school work will be finished! Be prepared for some new features, I really want to put my blog on a higher and more professional level. I can't wait to post daily for you guys! 
Listened: Many old songs by Metallica and Pendulum. I fall for Electronic and Rock!
Read: My "all you have to know for the final exams" maths book, baaah. (yes I hate it. ;P), some fashion magazines.
Watched: A really cool documentation about the dark side of the catacombs in Paris (here) and the lifestream of Skrillex's performance at Coachella (here). It's like perfection. 
Bought: A lot of jewelry actually. Summer is coming and I'm obsessing over tribal bracelets, necklaces and rings. I want to layer them all up! Some amazing vintage Harley Davidson tees. (my weakness…) Oh and a new kimono I've wanted for ages and which was restocked on NastyGal.com!
Wished: Love, Life and Peace at Coachella. I've never wished being at any festival as much as being at Coachella. I literally spend hours stalking the Coachella feed on Instagram and watching the broadcast hehe.
Annoyed by: School and that every time changing weather. argh...
Happy because…: Holiiiidays. My new upcoming looks I'm going to show you asap!
I'm looking forward to…: HOT summer nights.
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Friday, April 11, 2014

❇ ❁ Let's run away. ❁ ❇

Ethnic jacket: Urban Outfitters (sale) || Harley Davidson tee: Vintage || Lace shorts: H&M || Concho Belt: Lovestrength || Western booties: Zara || Fringe Dreamweaver bag: Spell Designs || Thunderstruck necklace: Spell Designs || Eagle cuff: Alushia Sanchia

Another look which is typical me - a mixture of boho and Rock 'n' Roll. Furthermore the look includes my all time favorite accessories like my most loved bag from Spell & The Gypsy Collective, my eagle cuff I already have 3 years now, my most-worn round sunnies and my Harley crop tee. I got the jacket on sale - it was a true bargain, it was 75% off! It's very lightweight and perfect for summer when a kimono is too airy for colder weather. I had literally been obsessing over that Dreamweaver bag for years, then I finally got it as a present from my parents on my 18th birthday. It was really expensive, but  the quality and its design is definitely worth it. I don't own many bags, but this one has become my only-worn one when I meet friends in town or go shopping. :-)

Monday, April 7, 2014

☾ ❂ Don't let it stop till we make it to the daylight. ❂ ☽

Lace kimono: Forever 21 || Embellished crop top: Zara || Western belt: Lovestrength || Necklace: Vintage || Levis 501 shorts: Vintage || Platform booties: The WHITEPEPPER

Get ready for my summer looks, it's the beginning. Finally!! I also start with one of my favorite looks, I have to admit that I buy way more clothes in spring/summer than in winter, it's almost time for Coachella and festival season, so you can see beautiful clothes or jewelry just perfectly fitting to my wardrobe everywhere arghh…  I bought this cute crop top at Zara some weeks before, now I can finally wear it! It's colorful and very gypsy like, but I like the fact it's got a black background. Colorful embellishment always look way better on black ground than e.g. white or red. I immediately thought of wearing it with my Levis 501 vintage babes and my lace kimono. The kimono is a size L btw, it was actually pretty tight fitting and less kimono-like as I expected it, so I decided to size it up. Frankly I was shopping at the Forever 21 store in Munich, so I had all sizes available for trying it on. So when you want to buy a kimono online: Always size one or two sizes up, I'm sure you won't regret it unless there's not only a one size or two sizes available like "S/M" or "M/L". ;-D
I would definitely wear that outfit at Coachella, I really would do everything to be there this year. Unfortunately I live in Germany, you know and I have my final exams soon (already getting stomach cramps when thinking of it…), so I'm not able to fly spontaneously to California. 
Maybe you already noticed that I'm mostly using lyrics for my post titles, this one is a passage of the song "Recess" by Skrillex. I literally can't stop listening to that album, somehow it's not getting boring or annoying. Sonny always does a great job with his awesome bass drops. And yes, the fact he does play at Coachella this weekend doesn't make it easier or better for me to stay here boohoo… Hopefully there are some damn live streams or recordings later on Youtube! 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Win 3 new tees from OASAP.com , yes, you heard me right, 3 pieces!

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OASAP is definitely one of my favorite online shops from China, you can find some beautiful treasures there. Now I have the possibility to share that cool giveaway with you guys!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

You won't take my dreams away.

Faux fur shaggy jacket: Romwe || Velvet burnout dress: Urban Outfitters || Necklace: Spell Designs || Concho belt: Vintage || Heels: Jeffrey Campbell

This is my first short faux fur coat ever and I don't know how I could live without such a furry babe in my wardrobe haha. It's so convenient in spring when the mornings are still cold or the weather very windy. Also it's going to be perfect for layering in winter and its colors go with almost everything. When you don't own a short faux (please avoid real fur, buying real one is definitely not okay!) fur coat: get one, you won't regret it. :-D On that day when I was shooting the pictures it was SO windy and cloudy, I'm glad the pictures turned out like that. I already thought my hair would look like the one from a scarecrow or something haha. I'm also wearing one of my favorite black dresses, it has a velvet burn out paisley print and 1/2 sleeves you can't see because of the jacket. And yes, the belt is definitely my favorite one - I'm sure you already noticed my last two outfits included it, too. I had been searching for a huge concho belt for ages, then I finally found one on eBay and since then every time I wear a dress my western friend has to accompany me. ;-P

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Desert Wanderer.

Tribal dress: Spell & The Gypsy Collective || Jewelry: Spell & vintage || Concho belt: Vintage ]] Crochet vest: Coco || Platform heels: The White Pepper

This is going to be my most worn look in summer, I think. I wear all my favorite pieces especially by my favorite brand Spell Designs, they have the most beautiful and dreamy clothes. That dress is definitely my favorite, I love its colors, its print and cut! I definitely will never regret buying it! I already bought a Spell tribal playsuit which has a similar cut and it's been worn many many many times. Both are so airy and comfortable. I combined it with my crochet vest, my favorite turquoise jewelry and concho belt and the only thing I still need is a trailer so I can travel and live out my inner gypsy haha. 
Btw my new platform heels are the most comfortable heels I've ever owned, I can walk hours in them without getting tired/ hurt feet.